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Cosima - Lavender and White Tutu

Our Cosima tutu is made of the beautiful light colors lavender and white.  A perfect addition t..


Edwina - Light Pink, Purple, White, Fuchsia and Lavender Tutu

Our Edwina tutu is a beautiful blend of lights and darks using light pink, purple, white, fuchsia an..


Elana - Purple, Lavender, Hot Pink and Pink Tutu

Our Elana tutu is a perfect combination of light and dark made of purple, lavender, hot pink and pin..


Eleanor - Pink & Lavender Tutu

Our Eleanor tutu is a beautiful blend of pink and lavender.  There's not many girls that are no..


Elizabeth - Aqua, Lavender & Green Tutu

Our Elizabeth tutu is made of aqua, lavender and green premium tulle.  It is accented with a be..


Ella - Aqua, Lavender and White Tutu

Our Ella tutu is an adorable mix of aqua, lavender and white premium tulle.  This tutu is very ..


Florence - Lavender & Aqua Layered Tutu with Aqua Satin Ribbon

Our Florence is a layered aqua and lavender tutu.  This tutu is perfect for a girl that likes t..


Gwendolyne - Pink Ballerina Tutu

Our Gwendolyne tutu is perfect for the little ballerina princess in your life.  Handmade from s..


Maddie Tutu - Hot Pink and Lavender Layered Tutu with an Hot Pink Flower

Our Maddie tutu is a adorable hot pink and lavender layered tutu with a hot pink flower at the waist..


Rebecca - Layered Purple and Hot Pink Tutu

Our Rebecca tutu is made up of every girls favorite color, pink and purple!  She'll love playin..


Scarlett - Two Toned Lavender Tutu

Our Scarlett tutu is a wonderful addition for any girl that loves purple!  This tutu is made up..