Baby Tutus

Every little baby girl dreams of twirling like a pretty tutu princess in a beautiful Tutu! Our handmade baby girls tutus are perfect for girls, babies, newborns, infants and toddlers. Made with 100% premium tulle, perfect for dressing up, pictures, birthday parties and more! You will be thrilled with the quality of our handmade tutus, you'll feel the difference between the handmade tutus and machine made tutus.

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Adora - Valentine Tutu of White, Pink & Shimmer Red with Damask Bow

Our Adora tutu is for your beautiful Valentine's princess.  Handmade from soft, premium tulle t..


Amelia - Mauve Tutu

Our Amelia tutu is beautiful for any princess in your life.  The soft mauve colors will be perf..


Anna - Pink and White Tutu

Our Anna tutu is a beautiful tutu of pink and white. Pretty for Easter, a wedding or just playing ar..


Ashlyn Tutu - White, Coral, Lime, Light Blue with Hot Pink Accents Tutu

Our Ashlyn tutu is a white, coral, lime, light blue with hot pink accents.  Hot pink accents ev..


Bridal Tutu - White Tutu

Our Bridal tutu is a white tutu that is perfect for the bride's bachelorette party!  She will l..


Candy - Hot Pink and Pink Tutu

Our Candy tutu is a beautifully made tutu of hot pink and pink.  Any princess that loves pink w..


Candy Corn Costume - Layered White, Yellow and Orange Tutu - Halloween Tutu

Our Candy Corn costume is an adorable tutu made of layered white, yellow and orange premium tulle. &..


Cinderella - Light Blue & White Layered Tutu with White Satin Bow

Our Cinderella tutu is a layered tutu of light blue and White tutu made on a white double satin ribb..


Clara - Layered White and Pink Tutu

Our Clara tutu is an angelic tutu made up of white and pink premium tulle.  It's perfect for we..


Clementine - Layered Pink and Lime Tutu

Our Clementine tutu is made of the beautiful trendy colors of pink and lime!  She'll love playi..


Cora - Shades of Pink Tutu

Our Cora tutu is a blend of all the pinks.  The blend of the hot pink, pink and light pink is b..


Cosima - Lavender and White Tutu

Our Cosima tutu is made of the beautiful light colors lavender and white.  A perfect addition t..


Dawn - Aqua Tutu

Our Dawn tutu is a beautiful aqua tutu and is perfect for the little princess in your life.  Sh..


Elana - Purple, Lavender, Hot Pink and Pink Tutu

Our Elana tutu is a perfect combination of light and dark made of purple, lavender, hot pink and pin..


Eleanor - Pink & Lavender Tutu

Our Eleanor tutu is a beautiful blend of pink and lavender.  There's not many girls that are no..


Elizabeth - Aqua, Lavender & Green Tutu

Our Elizabeth tutu is made of aqua, lavender and green premium tulle.  It is accented with a be..


Ella - Aqua, Lavender and White Tutu

Our Ella tutu is an adorable mix of aqua, lavender and white premium tulle.  This tutu is very ..


Emma - Mauve & Ivory Tutu

Our Emma tutu is a very elegant tutu with soft colors of mauve and ivory.  It is made of premiu..


Emmeline - Vintage Style Light Pink and Ivory Tutu

Our Emmeline tutu is beautiful for the vintage princess in us all.  It's light colors of ivory ..


Evelyn - Layered Pink and Fuchsia Tutu

Our Evelyn tutu is perfect for the princess that loves pink.  She'll love playing princess in t..